Weekly Challenges

FFC Episode24 Money Sadness 1200 min

Money & Sadness

There is a significant interplay between our emotions and our financial decisions and sadness, in particular, can lead to disastrous financial behavior when left unchecked.

FFC Episode23 Financial Infidelity 1200 min

Financial Infidelity

Harboring money secrets can damage your relationship, yet a large percentage of Americans are guilty of financial infidelity, and failing to have candid conversations about finances with their spouse or partner.

FFC Episode22 Tightening Your Budget Belt 1200 min

Tightening Your Budget Belt

Whether it’s due to a change in income or simply a decision to prioritize savings goals, we all need to tighten our budget belts sometimes. While it’s not easy to change your spending habits, it begins with reminding yourself of the difference between necessary spending and those purchases that are simply nice to have. In this episode, I share a simple practice that can help you take control of your spending and gain the confidence to meet your budget goals.

FFC Episode21 Reconciling Emotions and Money 1200 min

Reconciling Emotions & Money

During an emotional life transition, it can be difficult to get outside of our own heads. Emotional turmoil clouds our decision-making, yet there are often many financial implications when a relationship ends, and decisions must be made. One of the most effective ways to come out financially on top after a relationship ends is to keep emotion out of these decisions. Though difficult, this ensures you will have the means to take care of yourself and prepare for the next chapter of your life.

FFC Episode20 Divorce and Your Finances 1200

Divorce & Your Finances

One of the most challenging and stressful events we can go through in life is the end of a marriage. While most people don’t plan for divorce, it impacts roughly 50 percent of families. It changes nearly every aspect of our lives, and it is both mentally and emotionally draining. Despite all of this, there are practicalities that need to be addressed, especially financially. Very few things happen overnight in a divorce process, so you have time to truly consider your long-term decisions.

FFC Episode19 Mastering Money Mechanics 1200 min

Mastering Money Mechanics

To find success in managing your household finances, it’s crucial to lay a foundation built on the fundamentals. My challenge to you this week is to ask yourself four questions. Your answers will tell you whether your financial foundation is strong, or whether you need to work on the fundamentals.

FFC Episode18 Money and Marriage 1200

Money & Marriage

Marriage is a special life transition that many people experience more than once. No matter what your marriage looks like, having the money conversation with your new spouse can be complex. You each bring your own money story, values, and financial resources and obligations to the relationship, which can create complications. One way to head-off financial turbulence in your relationship, however, is to commit to the marriage with eyes wide open.

FFC Episode16 Reflection 1200


Taking stock of who you really are and what you really want can have a lasting impact on how you manage a challenging life transition. In the midst of transition, self-reflection helps you identify your main sources of challenge and worry.

FFC Episode15 Resilience 1200


One of the frustrating parts of financial planning is that your plan is never permanent. Unexpected financial setbacks happen to all of us, and each time they do we must reevaluate our plans. Setbacks can be things like job loss, the death of a spouse, suffering the effects of a risky investment, a failing business or many other stressful occurrences. In these situations, it’s normal to feel anger, sadness or fear, but one thing that can help us move forward is resilience – the capacity to bounce back from difficult situations.