Weekly Challenges

FFC Episode25 Charitable Giving 1200 min

Charitable Giving

If a money value you hold dear is charitable giving to organizations and causes that are meaningful to you, use these six tips to get the most out of your giving.

FFC Episode24 Money Sadness 1200 min

Money & Sadness

There is a significant interplay between our emotions and our financial decisions and sadness, in particular, can lead to disastrous financial behavior when left unchecked.

FFC Episode23 Financial Infidelity 1200 min

Financial Infidelity

Harboring money secrets can damage your relationship, yet a large percentage of Americans are guilty of financial infidelity, and failing to have candid conversations about finances with their spouse or partner.

FFC Episode22 Tightening Your Budget Belt 1200 min

Tightening Your Budget Belt

Whether it’s due to a change in income or simply a decision to prioritize savings goals, we all need to tighten our budget belts sometimes. While it’s not easy to change your spending habits, it begins with reminding yourself of the difference between necessary spending and those purchases that are simply nice to have. In this episode, I share a simple practice that can help you take control of your spending and gain the confidence to meet your budget goals.

FFC Episode21 Reconciling Emotions and Money 1200 min

Reconciling Emotions & Money

During an emotional life transition, it can be difficult to get outside of our own heads. Emotional turmoil clouds our decision-making, yet there are often many financial implications when a relationship ends, and decisions must be made. One of the most effective ways to come out financially on top after a relationship ends is to keep emotion out of these decisions. Though difficult, this ensures you will have the means to take care of yourself and prepare for the next chapter of your life.